One of my newest role models has just recently launched her new brand and shop!

Lara Casey is the editor-in-chief of my favorite magazine Southern WeddingsEmily Ley and her have created the Making Brands Happen branding and consulting business.

Lara’s brand is truly a reflection of her lifestyle. She promotes all of her business endeavors, as well as herself. She blogs about how to make things happen in your life. Lara sells items in her shop to help you remember what life is really about. She posts pictures of her daughter, as well as sneak peaks into her shop and SWV6 on Instagram. With Lara Casey’s new launch of her brand, she seems to have thought of everything. There is interaction, personality, and life popping on your screen. There isn’t anything that I notice that can make her site better. Lara creates beautiful brands for people, and she has created an impeccable one for herself! Image

Honestly, if I had to choose someone in this entire world who’s life I would want, it would be a mixture of Emily and Lara ladies. They are both so deep in their faith, family, and love for life and love. 

I must dream big and make it happen myself! No one will do it for me. I am so glad that I have these two ladies to look up to and give me hope and confidence that I can make my own dreams come true. 




Oh Wednesday…

Today has been an extremely long day..

But I have had this tab up alllll day just so I can blog about how great they are. 

One thing you will learn about me is that I am obsessed with SHOES! I adore them. One of the bloggers I follow [can’t think of who at the moment] instagrammed these fabulous shoes a couple of days ago.



I still can’t pinpoint exactly what it is I love about them. Maybe it’s because they are tan [color obsession], no idea. But I am in love! If only they weren’t $325….

Thank you Elizabeth and James for my new obsession. 

Off to relax for the night!



Let the blogging begin..

This is my first ever blog post. 

I read people’s blogs all of the time, and I am actually surprised that I have lasted this long without starting one. I am obsessed with the South, as well as monograms. I adore weddings; I would like to be a wedding planner one day. My dream once was to be featured in the Southern Living magazine, but now that dream has become featured [maybe working for] Southern Weddings. I discovered this magazine only a few months ago, and got every volume I could for Christmas. Read them from cover to cover. I wish school didn’t get in the way of my wanting to read them again. Heck! I should be writing my English paper and studying as I write this. 

Better get to it.