Powerade has created the ION4 Electrolyte System for its products. This system features the four main electrolytes that are typically lost in sweat, including sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. The sports drink also contains vitamins B3, B6, and B12. 

There are many benefits of drinking Powerade for the vitamin intake alone. 
Vitamin B3 helps to maintain healthy skin, nervous, and digestive systems. B3 can be found in liver, fish, chicken, lean red meat, nuts, whole grains, and dried beans. 
The B6 vitamin helps to break down protein, and maintains the health of red blood cells, the nervous system, and parts of the immune system. Whole grains, bananas, meat, beans, nuts, chicken, liver, and fish all contain the B6 vitamin. 
The B12 vitamin helps to maintain the normal functions of the nervous system, as well as being an essential part of creating red blood cells. B12 can be found in eggs, meat, poultry, shellfish, and milk. 
The ION4 benefits the consumer by replenishing the four electrolytes that have been depleted during the workout. Powerade helps in providing the necessary energy to get on with your day after a workout. 



The Coca-Cola brand has established itself around the world as the largest beverage company. Coca-Cola was founded in 1886 at Jacobs’ Pharmacy. Coca-Cola has gone from serving only 9 drinks a day to more than 1.7 billion beverage servings (Coca-Cola website). Coke began creating many new beverages including Sprite, Fanta, and Dasani water.

Almost an entire century later, Powerade was developed in 1988. Powerade was developed in order to compete with Gatorade. Even though Coca-Cola is such a successful company, as of December 2010, Gatorade still head over 75% of the sports drink market.

Powerade has become the Official Sports Drink of the Olympics and uses this to market their product.

In July of 2001, Powerade launched a new formula including more B vitamins. Powerade Option, a lower calorie sports drink, debuted in 2002. In 2008, Powerade unveiled the Powerade Zero, a zero calorie sports drink.


As the Official Sports Drink sponsor of 2008 Beijing Olympics, Powerade launched the “Innergear” campaign. In this campaign, athletes were photographed in the nude playing each of their respective sports. The thought behind the campaign was that no matter how sophisticated the outergear for athletes was, the “inner gear” is what really matters. What athletes are putting into their bodies is very important for performance. The photographs were tastefully taken and are viewed as a piece of art. This campaign won the Hollis award as well as the MCAA ‘Best Communication Campaign featuring Sponsorship’.


For the London 2012 Olympics, Powerade introduced the “Power Through” campaign. This was not only an advertisement campaign, but an integrated marketing campaign. This campaign would reach 35 markets with an inspirational story. The advertisements would be featured on television, out-of-home and print, digital experiences, and in-store merchandise.

Powerade even featured a give-away for athletes to be “Trained Like an Olympic Athlete” at the Powerade Sports Academy. The academy would feature skills from five of the olympic sports, inspirational lectures, tips, and meals designed by a nutritionist.

Powerade provided product on the field of play for the 2012 London Olympics, as well as the Powerade Hydration Center. Athletes could customize sports bottles, order hydration powder, and receive hydration tips.



Bourbon and Boweties

One of my favorite brands is Bourbon and Boweties.


Bourbon and Boweties is a line of jewelry created by “Southern Hands.” The company is just over a year old, and has already captured the attention of many women, young and old. 


The bracelets are beautifully crafted and sold so far only through Facebook and boutiques scattering the South. 

Facebook has become B&B’s outlet to society. The company has grown so much, they have had to hire someone to fill Facebook orders. B&B posts pictures of new styles and bangle color combinations. 

Instagram is another communication method Bourbon and Boweties uses well. B&B uses Instagram to show their customers new beads being purchased, B&B locations, as well as other tid bit information on Bourbon and Boweties. 

Bourbon and Boweties has attended America’s Mart, Surf Expo, and is collaborating with Lilly Pulitzer for Lilly’s Resort 2013 Trunk Show. B&B is getting their brand out into the world. People are falling in love with this new style.

If I were a part of the Bourbon and Boweties team, I would suggest redesigning their website. B&B’s website has a few pictures and an “About Me” section. This does not reflect well on their brand. It needs to be a part of the brand. It needs to be constantly updated with lists of where you can purchase Bourbon and Boweties jewelry, new styles, tips on “How to Bangle.” Bourbon and Boweties has done a great job building a foundation of clientele!

#doyoubangle #bourbonandboweties


Risky Business


For one of my mass communications classes we were presented with a CORE analysis assignment. Our professor gave us the sheet above to do a self evaluation of our inner creative side. 

There are four fundamental elements of our creative spirits: curiosity, openness, energy, and risk. For this self evaluation we were instructed to rank ourselves for each element, one being the least, and ten being the most. 

I have given myself a 9 for curiosity. “Why?” is one of my favorite questions to ask people. Finding out the reason why people do the things they do fascinates me. 

For openness, I believe I am a 6. I am very interested in trying new things, but as long as it appeals to me. If I know [actually think] I do not like something, I will not be trying it. 

Energy gets the full 10. When I am doing something I am enjoying and am passionate about, I can do it for days and never get tired. 

Risk is the area of creativeness that I am really lacking. I am very much a rule follower and hate displeasing people. Taking risks is one of my biggest struggles. I feel as if I face this challenge almost everyday, and I fail each time.

I want to be more creative, more risky, more bold, more open, more, more, MORE. Sometimes being more is a good thing, but not always. Being more of each of the four elements is necessary to succeed in the creative industry. Throughout this class, I am challenging myself to be more open, curious, and to take risks. Hopefully this will help me to be a more open and risk taking person with choices in my life. I am always striving to better myself and my creative-self.