Risky Business


For one of my mass communications classes we were presented with a CORE analysis assignment. Our professor gave us the sheet above to do a self evaluation of our inner creative side. 

There are four fundamental elements of our creative spirits: curiosity, openness, energy, and risk. For this self evaluation we were instructed to rank ourselves for each element, one being the least, and ten being the most. 

I have given myself a 9 for curiosity. “Why?” is one of my favorite questions to ask people. Finding out the reason why people do the things they do fascinates me. 

For openness, I believe I am a 6. I am very interested in trying new things, but as long as it appeals to me. If I know [actually think] I do not like something, I will not be trying it. 

Energy gets the full 10. When I am doing something I am enjoying and am passionate about, I can do it for days and never get tired. 

Risk is the area of creativeness that I am really lacking. I am very much a rule follower and hate displeasing people. Taking risks is one of my biggest struggles. I feel as if I face this challenge almost everyday, and I fail each time.

I want to be more creative, more risky, more bold, more open, more, more, MORE. Sometimes being more is a good thing, but not always. Being more of each of the four elements is necessary to succeed in the creative industry. Throughout this class, I am challenging myself to be more open, curious, and to take risks. Hopefully this will help me to be a more open and risk taking person with choices in my life. I am always striving to better myself and my creative-self. 


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