Bourbon and Boweties

One of my favorite brands is Bourbon and Boweties.


Bourbon and Boweties is a line of jewelry created by “Southern Hands.” The company is just over a year old, and has already captured the attention of many women, young and old. 


The bracelets are beautifully crafted and sold so far only through Facebook and boutiques scattering the South. 

Facebook has become B&B’s outlet to society. The company has grown so much, they have had to hire someone to fill Facebook orders. B&B posts pictures of new styles and bangle color combinations. 

Instagram is another communication method Bourbon and Boweties uses well. B&B uses Instagram to show their customers new beads being purchased, B&B locations, as well as other tid bit information on Bourbon and Boweties. 

Bourbon and Boweties has attended America’s Mart, Surf Expo, and is collaborating with Lilly Pulitzer for Lilly’s Resort 2013 Trunk Show. B&B is getting their brand out into the world. People are falling in love with this new style.

If I were a part of the Bourbon and Boweties team, I would suggest redesigning their website. B&B’s website has a few pictures and an “About Me” section. This does not reflect well on their brand. It needs to be a part of the brand. It needs to be constantly updated with lists of where you can purchase Bourbon and Boweties jewelry, new styles, tips on “How to Bangle.” Bourbon and Boweties has done a great job building a foundation of clientele!

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4 thoughts on “Bourbon and Boweties

  1. Saw these bangles on Pinterest and was wondering how to get to a site where I could look and them and possibly order some of them. Went onto my Facebook page and could not find them there either . Thanks.

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