Ready? Aim. Shoot.

When my professor assigned us the task to blog about our social media goals, I was instantly thrilled. Finally, I will put my goals out for the world to see (and hold me accountable) of my blogging goals. But wait a second…I am actually going to put my goals out into the vast World Wide Web for anyone to see. For the last year, I thought that I should really get into blogging. I can showcase weddings that I have worked on, do-it-yourself projects that I haven’t finished, and maybe even some weddings that I would love to plan.  I always managed to talk myself out of it though. I would blog something every couple weeks or maybe just once a month for a class. That was it.

Before I get into what my goals are…what is a goal? According to Merriam-Webster, a goal is something that you are trying to do or achieve. What am I trying to do by blogging and using other social media tools?

In this moment, I am trying to gain followers. People who want to read about what I have to say. People who will engage with me. People who will critique me. People who will ultimately mold me into the Darby that I want to be on the web. The Darby who is motivational and inspiring. I want to start my personal brand right here: on this blog. [/twitter/instagram] That means that my social media goals for this semester is to consistently post content that isn’t just for class, but content that will help build my future business in the wedding industry. Word press and Instagram will be the main social media outlets that would be useful for reaching my goal. Twitter is kind of iffy. I don’t think I understand how to successfully use it for what I am trying to achieve. Throughout this class, I should learn whether or not Twitter is an effective platform. My ideal audience would be brides, future brides, wedding planners, aspiring wedding planners, wedding vendors, and creatives. With this audience it would bring future clientele, as well colleagues in the wedding industry. I follow multiple wedding vendors blogs, as well as about a million different wedding planners and industry people on Instagram. I like to think I am sponge just soaking up everything I can.

I hope to have strengthened my blogging and social media skills by the end of this semester. (No goal of mine is set without a deadline. Thank you Type A personality.)


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