Wine-Oh Wedding Wednesday!

Vineyard Wedding

Monday night, one of my really good friends hosted a wine ice cream tasting. During the “ice storm” last week she tweeted Mercer’s Dairy in a desperate plea, and to her surprise, they sent 6 pints! I am not a big wine drinker, but I must say it was pretty tasty (especially the chocolate).This tasting inspired me to make the ultimate wine-oh wedding board. This wedding takes place just before sunset at vineyard off the coast of Southern California. The bride is in a lace gown with a bouquet full of ivory and blush flowers. Guests will have a seated dinner on the vineyard lawn as they watch the sunset. After cutting the cake atop a gorgeous glittered table, guests will be served a taste of the raspberry wine ice cream. Family and friends each get to take a bottle of wine from the vineyard after dancing into the night.

Photos taken by:

Couple in vineyard: Braedon Photography

Cake: Nancy Ray Photography

Bridesmaids: Patrick Moyer

Invitations: Em the Gem

Rings: Adeline and Grace Photography 

Favors: Angie Silvy Photography

Ice Cream: Stella Alesi Photography

Boutonnieres: Laura Ivanova

Table Scape: Jessica Burke

Bouquet: Jessica Burke


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