How I Use Instagram

Monday and Wednesday morning, my professor lectured on benefits and tips for using Instagram. This challenged me to think about how I use my Instagram.

I constantly check my Insta feed throughout the day. I usually only post once maybe twice a week, depending on the occasion. I follow multiple wedding industry professionals, and some of them follow me back. I do not want to overload them with pictures that irrelevant and make them unfollow me.

I try to post pictures of events that I am working as well as pictures from important days. I often times like to take pictures of products that I especially (a.k.a. Tieks and Simplified Planner). I can never get the best lighting to make them look really good. I recently bought a white poster board just to take these photos. It helps to reflect the light better and helps to create better-looking photographs. 99% of the time, I use filters and my favorites include: rise and Valencia. I use hashtags sometimes to their full advantage. I try to categorize my pictures with them. For instance, if I am working a wedding I will tag my boss and the most popular hashtags that she uses on her photos.

I use Instagram for photos way more than I use any other social networking site. I rarely ever post pictures on Facebook anymore, and Twitter isn’t really for pictures. I really like how Instagram works with the newsfeed and liking other peoples pictures. I enjoy seeing my friends lives through Instagram. 


One thought on “How I Use Instagram

  1. Great idea with the white poster-board! There are cheap ring-lights and even cheap photography reflectors you can buy that can help you get more light. I’ll bring some of mine tomorrow to show you! – Paige

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