Want to find out who the #NextMissLSU will be? Be at the Union Theater Sunday, March 23rd at 6pm to see who… https://vine.co/v/MhK9DIwATYn 

For this video project, I created a video to promote the Miss LSU-USA Pageant of which I am a co-director for. I first analyzed my video using the analytic tool: Tweet Reach. Tweet Reach says my tweet with the video reached an estimated amount of 1,227 accounts. It has 1,815 estimated impressions. Three people besides myself retweeted the video. 

On my Vine account, it says my video was only liked and re-vined by one person. On my Facebook account, I posted it twice and got a total of 3 likes. 

I tweeted the video 4 times since Sunday when I posted it. Overall, I received 5 favorites, 5 retweets, and 1 response. 

I believe that over the past 2 days my video has reached a good amount of people. I wish we would have been given this assignment this week instead of last week so I could have used footage from the actual pageant. Although, that would have been next to impossible; therefore, I don’t wish that. It probably would have reached more people though. 

After analyzing this video and its reach, it almost baffles me that what I say and post really is seen by that many people. 


One thought on “#NextMissLSU

  1. Great! I think you might have gotten more engagement if you asked people to do something that you could measure on social media – like asking them to use the hashtag to vote for their favorite person, etc. You just asked people to show up to the event, which is good, but hard to measure.

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