Bar cart anyone?

Happy Wednesday everyone! The poor internet connection at my parent’s house is really putting a damper on blogging. The internet takes forever, and I am not the most patient person.

Yesterday, Waiting on Martha tweeted this gorgeous bar cart! I have been day dreaming about all of the possibilities since. [I’m pretty sure if this were mine, I would find a way to incorporate it into my wedding.]
This inspired me to think of different ways to showcase beverage stations at parties. Think outside the box; what is your favorite drink of choice? Do you and your beau prefer the same cocktail? Think signature drink!Bourbon and whiskey bars are popular in the south, but you could create a wine, martini, margarita bar. [No alcohol wedding, no problem…soda bars are just as fun] A wedding reception should focus on the bride and groom; therefore, add personal touches anywhere you can.


Ready, set, JUMP!


I am so sorry for the lack of wedding wednesday blog posts! Finals and the end of school last week threw me for a loop. 

This past weekend I turned 21 and took a birthday trip to Busch Gardens and Disneyworld! It was a blast! 

With adventure and adrenaline on my mind, I was inspired to create a board for the adventurous couple. This couple is ready to take the plunge with their wonderful save the date. The couple traveled to Switzerland with the closest of family and friends for an intimate wedding ceremony. Intimate weddings are such a grand way to celebrate the joining of two people. It is a great opportunity to focus on what really matters. 

Save the Date: Pinned by Bluebird Productions

Tablescape: Magnus Bogucki

Venue: Castello di Morcote in Morcote, Switzerland

Bouquet: Colin Cowie Weddings

Cake: Ana Rosa