Ready, set, JUMP!


I am so sorry for the lack of wedding wednesday blog posts! Finals and the end of school last week threw me for a loop. 

This past weekend I turned 21 and took a birthday trip to Busch Gardens and Disneyworld! It was a blast! 

With adventure and adrenaline on my mind, I was inspired to create a board for the adventurous couple. This couple is ready to take the plunge with their wonderful save the date. The couple traveled to Switzerland with the closest of family and friends for an intimate wedding ceremony. Intimate weddings are such a grand way to celebrate the joining of two people. It is a great opportunity to focus on what really matters. 

Save the Date: Pinned by Bluebird Productions

Tablescape: Magnus Bogucki

Venue: Castello di Morcote in Morcote, Switzerland

Bouquet: Colin Cowie Weddings

Cake: Ana Rosa





On Wednesday, we wear pink! Wedding Wednesday


In honor of the 10th Anniversary of Mean Girls, on Wednesdays, we wear pink! This wedding is for the all pink girly girl!  The pink backdrop for the ceremony is simple while still making a bold statement. The bridesmaids are in a blush knee length dress. The pink glittery tablecloths are the perfect touch for this lovely couple.


Backdrop: Jo White Candy

Invitation: Wedding Paper Divas

Bridesmaids: ClipZone Peach

Tablescape: The Knot Blog

(Nancy Ray Photography)

Bouquet: Smitten Photography

Stripes Wedding Wednesday


Spring time for me equals stripe time. Stripes are always my go to when I need a quick and easy outfit. The touches of gold are the perfect way to dress up the simple black and white stripes. Guests are welcomed in with striped escort cards. Once seated, guests can view the menu and get to know other guests. The gorgeous cake is passed around. The night ends with a confetti exit for the happy couple! 


Invitation: Gartner Studios

Table: Megan Clouse

Cake: Two Cakes

[Southern Weddings]

Boutonnieres: Jessica Frey

Escort Cards: Under Grace Photo

Exit: Confetti Bags



Ombre Art Wedding Wednesday


The top image of the painting is a free download I saw on Pinterest the other day. I am obsessed to say the least (click on the link next to painting below to download your own); therefore, this painting is my inspiration.

This wedding is perfect for a Spring day! The colors are light and airy. The cake is a delightful ombre of pink shades. The simple pops of color throughout the flowers and invitation are just what this bride and groom wanted. Guests are able to take a sweet treat home after enjoying a day with family and friends.


Painting: Elise Pescheret

Bridesmaids: Lauren Fair Photography

Save the Date: digibuddhaPaperie

Flowers: abby rose

Cake: Lee Bird

Macarons: ModWedding 

Orange You Glad Wedding Wednesday


This week I am dreaming of a vacation. It’s been way too long… This week’s Wedding Wednesday inspiration board is for the couple who bit the travel bug (or just wanted a destination wedding). This orange and grey scheme is so versatile. Guests will be welcomed with a goodie bag including maps and things to do. The globe guestbook is such a great way to showcase a piece of your wedding everyday in your new home. Signature cocktails are sure to be enjoyed on the furniture enjoying the beautiful night that brought two families together. At the end of the night the groom says to his new bride, “Orange you glad we got away!”

Photographs by:

Globe guestbook: Orange Turtle

Welcome guest bag: Martha Stewart Wedding

Bouquet: Ashley Bartoletti

Cake: Sweet Cakes by Rebecca

Signature Drink: Larissa Cleveland

Pillows: Gladys Jem


Lilac Love Wedding Wednesday


As I waited for class this morning, a girl walked out with the brightest and cutest lilac pants. I couldn’t help but feel compelled to use that bright color on my latest inspiration board. This intimate wedding is simple yet sophisticated. Bright purple dresses matching the groomsmens’ ties. The purple is sure to pop on the greenery backdrop with the white arches. Purple is sure to be on the radar for any LSU fan. Happy wednesday!

Photography credits:

Ceremony Backdrop: Virgil Bunao Photography

Groomsmen: Tana Photography

Bridal Portrait: James Christianson

Flower Arrangements: Amanda Hein 

Bridesmaids: Southern Weddings Real Wedding

Lemon Bunch Brunch Wedding Wednesday

Lemon Bunch Brunch

As I flipped through the Kate Spade 2014 Spring Style Guide I couldn’t help but imagine sipping lemonade on the back porch on a sunny day. This inspired a bridal shower brunch full of bright yellows and blues. Guests can chose any type of lemonade from the lemonade bar. The tables feature soft simple flowers in an array of blue colored vases. This bride is all about bold patterns in a subtle way like in this gorgeous invitation suite.

Kate Spade Inspiration: Kate Spade Style Guide

Lemonade Bar: William Innes Photography

Table Scape: Style Unveiled

Invitation: MaeMae Paperie


Want to find out who the #NextMissLSU will be? Be at the Union Theater Sunday, March 23rd at 6pm to see who… 

For this video project, I created a video to promote the Miss LSU-USA Pageant of which I am a co-director for. I first analyzed my video using the analytic tool: Tweet Reach. Tweet Reach says my tweet with the video reached an estimated amount of 1,227 accounts. It has 1,815 estimated impressions. Three people besides myself retweeted the video. 

On my Vine account, it says my video was only liked and re-vined by one person. On my Facebook account, I posted it twice and got a total of 3 likes. 

I tweeted the video 4 times since Sunday when I posted it. Overall, I received 5 favorites, 5 retweets, and 1 response. 

I believe that over the past 2 days my video has reached a good amount of people. I wish we would have been given this assignment this week instead of last week so I could have used footage from the actual pageant. Although, that would have been next to impossible; therefore, I don’t wish that. It probably would have reached more people though. 

After analyzing this video and its reach, it almost baffles me that what I say and post really is seen by that many people. 

Spring Fling


With today’s gorgeous weather, not too hot and not too cold, I’ve got spring on my mind.

Imagine a bright outdoor ceremony filled with pink flowers. The brides bouquet has a mixture of pink and white flowers, as does her cake. The bridesmaids look absolutely lovely in a green cocktail dress! Pink koozies for the ladies and green for the gents! This wedding is sure to be one to remember!

Photos by:

Bouquet: Paige Winn

Florist: Stems

Cake: Paige Winn

Cake made by: FISH

Aisle: Docuvitae

Vases: Kari Herer

Boutonnieres: Brklyn View

Koozies: Paige Winn

Score What?

For our most recent assignment in strategic social media, we were given the task of evaluating our social media accounts for the weekend. We had to track the amount of likes, favorites, retweets and comments over the course of almost three days. I was not on social media as much as I usually am this weekend due to a busy schedule. I only tweeted 4 times and instagrammed 2 pictures. My scores were as follows:

Twitter: 4 Tweets

4 favorites + 3 retweets (x3) = 19 Twitter Score
Instagram: 2 pictures
54 likes + 3 comments (x3) = 64 Instagram Score
I believe one particular tweet about a groom’s face as he sees his bride for the first time was the most successful tweet. I received 3 favorites and 3 retweets off that one alone. The first picture I instagrammed of my new Tieks was the more successful of the two pictures posted. I received 25 likes and 3 comments.
I believe I could have gotten a much higher score on Twitter if I had actually tried. I have rarely even looked at Twitter over the past two days, let alone tweet. I believe this assignment was very helpful for gauging my interactions.