Insta Pic

Monday’s class was very intriguing. Instagram has been on the craze for a while, and I don’t foresee it stopping anytime soon. It’s a social media app that allows users to post photos. Users can interact with followers by liking and commenting on other pictures. Instagrammers (is that a real word?) can categorize their pictures by using hashtags. For instance, my sorority family really enjoys eating queso. So, when we take pictures together we use #quesofam. This way we can click on the hashtag and see all of the photos we have taken together. It is really ingenious.

The wedding planner I am interning for, Valerie at Sapphire Events, has been using these hashtags to her advantage. Each wedding day she will tag all of the vendors that were used that day. She will also use: #weddingdesigner, #weddingstylist, #weddingplanner, #eventplanner, #eventproducer, #eventdesigner, #neworleanswedding, and #southernweddings. By utilizing the hashtags, she is gaining reach within the wedding industry. Any time someone searches any of those hashtags, the pictures she has taken will come up. I think this is a great marketing and advertising strategy. Potential customers, as well as other industry professionals are able to see the work first hand. Instagram does not charge for an account or to post pictures. Why not utilize it to its full advantage?


In lecture, my professor shared some insight from Cory Doctrow: “think like a dandelion.” Dandelions do not worry about where they are going or whether or not they will grow into flowers one day. They just keep producing. Meaning that you shouldn’t worry about whether or not someone is reading every single thing that is put on social media. As long as you are producing content, you will gain the reach and engagement you desire.


The 5 tips of Instagram according to Amadou Diallo are:

  1. Shoot during the golden hour (sunrise or sunset) in order to capture the best lighting without shadows.
  2. Set the scene by creating a focal point and wait for the perfect moment.
  3. Get closer to the subject
  4. Change your perspective. Make in interesting and unexpected
  5. Shoot in black and white making images more dramatic.


Instagram makes me feel like an amateur photographer! I love sharing images of the people and things I love. Instagram is very personal and it is great to bring brands to that level of sharing.