Score What?

For our most recent assignment in strategic social media, we were given the task of evaluating our social media accounts for the weekend. We had to track the amount of likes, favorites, retweets and comments over the course of almost three days. I was not on social media as much as I usually am this weekend due to a busy schedule. I only tweeted 4 times and instagrammed 2 pictures. My scores were as follows:

Twitter: 4 Tweets

4 favorites + 3 retweets (x3) = 19 Twitter Score
Instagram: 2 pictures
54 likes + 3 comments (x3) = 64 Instagram Score
I believe one particular tweet about a groom’s face as he sees his bride for the first time was the most successful tweet. I received 3 favorites and 3 retweets off that one alone. The first picture I instagrammed of my new Tieks was the more successful of the two pictures posted. I received 25 likes and 3 comments.
I believe I could have gotten a much higher score on Twitter if I had actually tried. I have rarely even looked at Twitter over the past two days, let alone tweet. I believe this assignment was very helpful for gauging my interactions. 



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